Laments of the Cold Blooded Millenial


And by cold blooded I don’t mean frigid bitch – just frigid.

This time.

Like many others, I don’t do too well in the cold. I hate being bundled up and bulky, and I hate being cold even more. Layering is great, but can really mess up your outfit plans. Over the years I’ve come up with a few tricks for layering and preparing for the depths of a New York Winter. Especially those days when you must venture out from your hibernation and be social.

  • Stock up on wool stockings. The kind people expect you to wear alone under a skirt or dress, but that just doesn’t cut it. I wear these under my pants, jeans, leggings, everything. They are thinner than leggings and easier to layer without adding bulk. Plus the extra toe coverage helps more than leggings. Bonus points if you find ones that you can pull up all the way to your rib cage if you’re really in a frozen pickle.
  • Spandex (specifically biker spandex). They are tight to the body, so no bulk. Biking spandex are longer on the thighs, so less risk of bunching up in your fun parts. And again, bonus points if you can pull them up past your belly button (um, hello, homemade spanx kind of).
  • Sports bra. More coverage = more insulation. They’re also far more comfortable than your regular undergarments, so if your temperature does fluctuate at least the girls will be comfortable.
  • Tight tank top. Often people go straight for the long underwear or a thin long T-shirt, but unless it’s the perfect shirt, it ruins my outfit. A tank top still adds that bit of warmth without the bulk or restriction of multiple sleeves. But won’t your arms get cold? Well…
  • Fingerless gloves that are long. The kind that you can pull up to almost your elbows, or scrunch down around your wrists. These are simply adorable, stylish, and warm. You can pull them over or tuck them under long sleeves if need be. Plus, if your fingers get cold, you can just layer mittens over them, and that’s even more warmth!
  • Large but thin scarves. The kind you can wear as a blanket, but somehow still manage to fit in your purse. It’s truly witchcraft.
  • Extra socks. I bring them with me. Step in a puddle? You’re covered. Walking home at night and lost your gloves at the bar? Socks on your hands. Why not. It’s freaking cold. Don’t judge me.

Time To Face Reali-tea.

I’ve been getting into tea lately for the first time…ever. Perhaps it was only a matter of maturi-tea. I think I might have more fun concocting new and unique mixes than I do drinking – oh – 12 cups a day? Here are some ways I’ve been sprucing up my brew!

  1. Jack – of course. No explanation needed, especially if you know me.
  2.  A little splash of some fresh juice. This is fun to mix and match with what kind of tea I’m having. I don’t particularly love the flavor of green tea, so a little sweet fruit juice brightens it up. If you’re feeling particularly in need of that health-kick feeling, add some green juice to whatever you’re drinking. In fact, add that shit to anything and you’ll feel super healthy.
  3. Monfefo Ginger Shot – with honey! This one is my favorite. Picked one up at Guy & Gallard and this wee little (overly priced) bottle has lasted me a couple of week (in the fridge). It adds a kick of ginger, a touch of sweet, and a bit of tang. It also seems to thicken up the tea a bit.
  4. Cinnamon Sticks – Add one to chai, white, or black tea and you can’t go wrong. Especially if you take your tea with milk at all. How festive.

The First

Here goes nothing. I’ve never had a blog before, and if you know me you know I’ve dabbled in writing and creative outlets of sorts my whole life. But who might want to read anything I’ve got to say or post? Probably few people. But I intend to dive in, and experiment with a mix of posts that I hope won’t be too desultory.

I moved to Brooklyn in September – not even four months ago – and it has marked the newest of beginnings. I discovered it is a severely taxing event to have to move when the move is unexpected. A series of unforeseen events resulted in having to find an apartment and move to a new home within a matter of days. It has been 108 days in Brooklyn. It has been about seventeen days since I’ve began to feel like myself again.


  • +1 reunited with a childhood best friend
  • +1 incredible new job that I’m getting the hang of
  • -1 person I loved
  • -1 person I called a dear friend
  • +1 healthy family
  • +9 photographs on my wall
  • +1 new painting
  • +6 pounds
  • +5 incredible roommates
  • -75 square feet
  • -1 access to car
  • +1 monthly metro pass